The aquarium is always a favorite stop at the zoo. This activity encourages the school-age child to research information about the animals you might see in the aquarium.
Curriculum Area
Before You Start
Have each child research a specific animal found in a zoo aquarium and write down important facts about its size, shape, coloring, and distinctive features. Have the children paint the acetate blue. Allow the acetate time to dry and hang it on the walls. This will give the illusion of looking into a large aquarium.
Let's Begin
1. From the information the children have researched, have them slide and tape the creatures behind the acetate on the walls.

2. Have them label and create a wall chart to list interesting facts about their sea creature.
Invite other children into the classroom aquarium.


Large roll of acetate
Blue acrylic paint
Construction paper
Paint brushes
Cellophane of different colors

Colorations® Acrylic Paint, 8 oz. - Set of 8
9" x 12" Colorations® Heavyweight Construction Paper
Colorations® Best Value Plastic Handle Paint Brushes - Set of 30
Cellophane Rolls - Set of 4
Crepe Paper Streamers - Set of 6
Colored Round Wiggly Eyes - Pack of 100