Fish Pictures

Infants are learning to focus on and track objects throughout the first year. Visual stimuli are important. Books and pictures are easily varied to give babies lots of things to see and even touch. Newborns need very high contrast simple pictures, while older babies can appreciate more complex shapes and images.
Before You Start
Draw your own simple pictures with bold markers or search through old magazines, coloring books, etc. Laminate or cover the pictures in clear contact paper.
Let's Begin
1. Place a younger baby on her tummy. Hold up a single picture.

2. Label the picture and talk to her about what she sees. Encourage her to lift her head to look.

3. Show the pictures to an older infant while seated on your lap or sitting.

4. Let baby touch the pictures as well. Talk to him while he looks.
When you are done, attach the pictures to the walls. Make sure you place them very low, at the babies’ eye level. Watch crawling babies to see if they notice the pictures and/or try to grab them.


Bright, high contrast photographs or pictures of fish and other ocean animals
Clear contact paper