Ocean Mural

Children will create an ocean mural with finger-paint and pictures. Toddlers are learning to explore with touching but not tasting. They can understand simple directions and use some art materials. Some toddlers and twos enjoy getting messy, but others will be more hesitant.
Before You Start
Tape the butcher paper to a long table, or maybe a sidewalk outdoors. Be sure you have clean up materials nearby.
Let's Begin
1. Dab paint onto the paper and encourage toddlers to finger-paint. Show them how to spread the paint with a single finger as well as their entire hand. Talk to them about how the paint feels and the designs they are making.

2. Let children cover the entire paper, offering praise for their efforts. Set aside to dry.

3. Give the toddlers glue sticks. Show them how to rub the glue on the back of precut fish shapes or pictures of ocean life.

4. Let children stick the pictures all over the butcher paper, creating an ocean mural. Don’t worry about the end result – it is the process your toddlers are learning from and having fun with.
You might want to provide sponges or brushes for those who do not like to get messy. An option to gluing pictures is sponge printing. Cut sponges into fish shapes and dip into colored paint before pressing over the mural.


Butcher paper
Blue finger-paint
Glue sticks
Pictures of ocean life

Butcher Rolls
Regular Masking Tape
Colorations® Washable Finger Paint, 16 oz.
Colorations® Washable Glue Sticks
Classroom Painting Sponges Mega Pack - 50 Pieces
Stumpy Sponge Stampers - Set of 12