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Hey, I’m in a Zoo!

This activity encourages role play and language development.
Curriculum Area
Language/Dramatic Play
Before You Start
Cover the area with a large plastic drop cloth. Place the box and materials on the drop cloth. Cut out a child-sized door in the back of the box. Leave one side of the box completely open.
Let's Begin
1. Encourage the children to use the materials to construct a zoo cage. Use the streamers for the bars. Place the cage in the dramatic play area. Provide animal masks and props. Encourage the children to create a zoo-theme using the props.
Use different sized boxes to create cages for a variety of animals. Add the appropriate props.


Large refrigerator-sized box
Black streamers
Animal masks

Colorations® Liquid Watercolor Painting Mat
Mask Stencils, 6" x 9" - Set of 10
Party Streamers - Set of 12 Rolls
Cardstock Masks - Set of 24
Crepe Paper Streamers - Set of 6
BioColor® Paint, 16oz. - Set of 11
Colorations® Best Value Plastic Handle Paint Brushes - Set of 30
Colorations® Comfort Grip Blunt Tip Scissors
Brawny Tough Keep-It-Clean Mat - 60" x 90"
Fantasy Fabrics - 13 pieces