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Get Ready for Takeoff!

Introduction – Preschool children are fascinated with large modes of transportation. They will work on symbolism, creativity, fine motor skills, and vocabulary as they complete this project.
Curriculum Area
Language, Creative Arts, and Fine Motor Skills
Before You Start
Ask children if they have ever ridden in an airplane. Ask them to bring in pictures. Have books and photographs about airplanes available for the children to look through.
Let's Begin
1. After the children have looked through pictures of airplanes and talked about their experiences on a plane, ask the children if they would like to construct their own airplane in school.

2. Have the children arrange the chairs as they would be on an airplane.

3. Run a clothesline or string parallel to the chairs about three feet above them.

4. Drape a sheet over the clothesline and chairs. Cut squares for windows.

5. Put the large box in the front of the plane for the cockpit. Have the children design the cockpit and make plane tickets.

6. Have the children decide who will be the captain, flight attendants, and passengers. Get ready for takeoff!
Plan imaginary plane rides to different countries and lands. Have the children document their journeys in a journal.


Large box
Clothesline, String or Beading Elastic

White Beading Elastic - 100 Yards
Kid-Size 6" x 9" Construction Paper Pack - 200 Sheets
Colorations® Marker & Crayon Combo Pack- 400 Pieces
Colorations® 5" Pointed Tip Scissors