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A Photo Safari

The photos the children will take or draw during this activity will begin an album they can share with their friends as they grow up.
Curriculum Area
Before You Start
Talk to the children about what a photo safari would be like - riding through the jungle in a jeep, witnessing all sorts of wild animals in their natural habitat, and capturing those sights forever on film. Also, if you're going to include any animals the children might not be familiar with, discuss them in as much detail as possible, showing any pictures you have available.
Let's Begin
1. Explain to the children that you're going to pretend to be on a safari, spotting and photographing all kinds of jungle animals.

2. They, in turn, will pretend to be the animals.

3. As you ready your "camera," call out the name of the animal you've spotted. The children then portray that animal.

You can choose from the following:
• Lions
• Hippos
• Apes
• Giraffes
• Tigers
• Zebras
• Elephants
• Gazelles
• Rhinos
• Chimpanzees
To add geography and a global element to the activity, talk to the children about one of the African countries where these animals might be found - or Africa as a whole. Show them on the map!


Pictures of a variety of jungle animals (optional)

Animal Poster Cards - Set of 20
Animal Photo Cards - Set of 20
Fantasy Fabrics - 13 pieces
Look Once, Look Again! Library #1
Look Once, Look Again! Library #2
Animal Discoveries Center
Giant Earth Activity Ball
Hamilton™ Digital Camera