3-D Self-Portraits
Hang them on a wall for a 3-D abstract self-portrait exhibit!
Let’s Begin  
1. Have each child create a self-portrait on paper using Bingo bottles filled with BioColor® paint.

2. Make a monoprint of each finished portrait by placing a clean sheet of paper on top and rubbing.

3. To create the 3-D effect cut out the oval face from your monoprint, then cut a 2” dart on the top and bottom, overlap dart and staple to secure.

4. Adhere 3-D face to original self-portrait with staple or tape.


Bingo bottles
BioColor® paint

BioColor® 16oz. - Set of 11
Colorations® 5" Blunt Tip Scissors
Bingo Bottles with Tips & Caps - Set 12
World Colors Paper - 50 Sheets
Best Value Tape
Full Strip Stapler