Planet Protector
Children take pride in being given responsibilities, if those responsibilties are manageable and explained. Let them help out in the classroom!
Let's Begin  
1. Cut a slit up from the opening of the bag to the bottom, and cut out the bottom of the bag, leaving the boxy shape intact. You can leave a lip of paper as a "collar."

2. Cut two holes, one on each side, for sleeves. The bag should be in a "vest" shape. Decorate it or invite the children to decorate it with a drawn on "badge" and symbols of either recycling or the earth.

3. Each week, choose a new child to wear the vest and take charge of recycling duties for the classroom.


A large paper grocery bag
Crayons, markers, and other things for embellishment

Easy-Grip Sea Life Stampers, 3" - Set of 14
FiskarsĀ® Total ControlTM Pointed Scissors - Single Pair
Bag of Pom Poms - 1 lb.
One-Grip Stampers - Set of 16