Cornstarch Fade Away
It’s magic! You can repeatedly make a clean slate to make a new, colorful design.
Let’s Begin  
1. Fill an art tray with 2 boxes of white cornstarch. Smooth over with a hair pick.

2. Using spray bottles filled with different colors of Colorations® Liquid Watercolor, create your own pictures using stencils or abstract designs.

3. Then using the hair pick, ruffle up the cornstarch allowing the mixture to “erase” your design!


Colorations® Liquid Watercolor
Hair pick
Art tray

Colorations® Liquid Watercolor Paint, 8 oz.
Brawny Tough Art Trays
Spray Bottle - 4 oz.
Familiar Shapes Stencils, 8" - Set of 12
Colorations® Wacky Painting Tools - Set of 8
Watercolor Spray - Set of 10