Fabric Painting
Now you can use BioColor® paint as a fabric paint!
Let’s Begin  
1. Add 1 part of BioColor® Fabric Medium to 4 parts of BioColor® paint and mix well.

2. To avoid bleeding through, place waxed paper directly under fabric to be painted.

3. Using a brush, sponges, fingers, even Bingo bottles, paint onto the fabric.

4. When BioColor® is dry, heat-set the design, either in the dryer for 20 minutes or simply press the reverse side with an iron for 20 seconds.

5. Note: Wait 5 days before laundering, then gently machine-wash with cold water and mild soap.


Prewashed and dried fabric to be painted, 100% cotton works best
BioColor® Fabric Medium
BioColor® paint
Brushes, sponges

BioColor® 16oz. - Set of 11
BioColor® Fabric Medium