Ocean in a Bottle
A great project for little hands!
Let’s Begin  
1. Fill a water bottle with water. Add a few squirts of Colorations® Liquid Watercolor, and then add approximately 1 tsp. of BioColor® Shimmer Powder.

2. Close bottle and shake.

3. Seal cap onto bottle using tacky glue or masking tape.

4. To add decoration, cut shapes from self-adhesive art foam and stick on bottle. You can use a marker to add details to the foam shapes.


Colorations® Liquid Watercolor
BioColor® Shimmer Powder
Water bottle
Adhesive foam shapes

Liquid Watercolor™ - 8 oz.
SILVER BioColor® Shimmer Powder
Self-Adhesive Animals & Objects Foam Shapes - 360 Pieces
Self-Adhesive or Regular Foam Shapes
Aleene's Original "Tacky" Glue®
Foam Sheets - 30 Pieces
Colorations® 5" Blunt Tip Scissors
Colored Masking Tape, 3/4" W x 60 yds. L - 1 Roll