BioColor® Ornaments
This is a great take-home project the children will enjoy!
Let’s Begin  
1. Place a tablespoon of BioColor® in each half of the ornament—use 2-4 vibrant colors, plus a little white.

2. With a dry brush, add a generous amount of BioColor® gold and silver Shimmer Powder to each half.

3. Put the halves together, shake, turning ornament to coat inside.

4. Separate the halves and allow to dry completely.

5. When dry, put halves together and secure with ribbon or string.


Plastic ornaments
BioColor® paint
Shimmer Powder
Ribbon or string

Colorations® Ornaments - 12 Clear Balls
BioColor® 16 oz.
SILVER BioColor® Shimmer Powder
GOLD BioColor® Shimmer Powder