Tissue Foil Shine
A multimedia project for all ages.
Let’s Begin  
1. Cut a single object or image from a magazine. Cut or tear tissue paper into shapes and strips.

2. In a small bowl mix BioColor® paint with a little water to thin. Paint onto shiny side of foil and paint over the image to adhere.

3. Add tissue shapes to background and paint over to adhere. Create a realistic scene or an abstract, whichever you prefer. Leave some foil showing.

4. Let dry. Fold edges back over a slightly smaller piece of cardboard or tagboard and tape down edges.


Tissue paper
BioColor® paint
Aluminum foil
Cardboard or tagboard

COLORFAST 20" x 26" Colorations® Premium Art Tissue - 100 Sheets
BioColor® 16oz. - Set of 11