Washable Sidewalk Chalk
Make your own bright, bold sidewalk chalk with BioColor®.
Let’s Begin  
1. Combine two parts plaster of Paris to one part BioColor® paint in a bowl and stir until the consistency is that of cake frosting, adding more plaster of Paris if needed.

2. Spoon mixture into small, waxed cups or non-stick muffin tins immediately after mixing.

3. Mixture dries within minutes but allow chalk to set overnight before use.

4. Remove from container and watch the fun begin!

5. Variations: Adding glitter will produce a shimmering effect. Swirling colors will result in a marbling effect, and layering colors will produce a striped-chalk effect.

6. Note: Fluorescent BioColor® is not recommended for this project.


Plaster of Paris
BioColor® paint
Muffin pan

BioColor® Paint, 16 oz.
Plastic Glitter Pack