Balloon Stamp
This fun and easy way to print makes colorful wrapping paper!
Let’s Begin  
1. Blow up an ordinary balloon (not too big) – secure with a knot.

2. Squeeze several different colors of BioColor® paint on an aluminum pie tin.

3. Gently dip the rounded end of balloon in BioColor®.

4. Press balloon on clean paper to create a pattern.

5. Repeat for an all-over design.

6. Optional: Using a dry brush, sprinkle your design with gold and silver Shimmer Powder and blow off excess.

7. Note: Balloons present a choking hazard. For safety, simply cover the balloon with a nylon stocking. Dispose of the balloon immediately following the completion of this activity.


BioColor® paint, several colors
Pie tin

BioColor® 16 oz.
GOLD BioColor® Shimmer Powder
SILVER BioColor® Shimmer Powder