Blotter Art
So easy – perfect for a preschooler’s first art project! Also great for back to school!
Let’s Begin  
1. Fold and crease any sheet of paper and open flat again.

2. Using a Nancy™ bottle, squeeze 4 or 5 dime-sized dots of different colors of BioColor® along the center fold.

3. Re-fold the paper along original crease.

4. Press firmly on the folded paper to move BioColor® toward the edges of the sheet.

5. Open your sheet to see your beautiful blotter design!

6. Optional: Place another sheet of clean paper on top of your blotter design and rub briskly.

7. Remove top sheet and unveil your positive and negative design.


BioColor® paints
Nancy™ bottle

BioColor® Paint, 16 oz.
Classic Tipped Nancy™ Bottles - Set of 12
White Sulphite Paper - 500 Sheets