Clear Cover Snowman
This is a great project for decorating our K–3 classroom hallways. Each grade level does a different craft for each season. Our class made snowmen that hang from the ceiling and are two-sided.
Create an interesting snowman using clear contact paper to hang in the hallway for the holidays.
Identify shapes used to make the snowmen.
Before You   Start  
Prior to doing this craft with your class, you will need to cut out two 6-inch circles from clear contact paper. Cut out round black circles from construction paper for the eyes and mouth. Cut out orange triangles from construction paper for the nose. Cut out multicolored squares for the scarf. The last scarf square should be double the size to fringe one end with scissors. Trace top hats from black construction paper. Preparing each of these items prior to the activity with your class will help make this craft easy and organized for everyone
Let’s Begin  
1. Have children peel off the protective paper from the contact paper.

2. They can distribute the pieces cut out for the eyes, nose, mouth and scarf onto the sticky side of the contact paper.

3. Children can then lay the hat at the top of the contact paper.

4. The teacher should help each child peel off the protective paper from another sheet of contact paper and place it on top of the first piece.

5. This creates a two-sided snowman to hang from the ceiling.
Throughout the holiday season, your class will be able to see their projects wherever you decide to hang them!


Contact paper
Construction paper

9" x 12" Heavyweight Construction Paper
Colorations® Crystal Clear Cover - 18" x 9 ft.