Lucky Leprechaun Treasure Box
Little leprechauns can create their own magic box to guard lucky treasures on St. Patrick's Day!
To encourage creativity and self expression
To create a fun craft to celebrate St. Patrick's Day
Before You   Start  
Gather small boxes for each child. The teacher may want to have the children recycle empty cardboard tissue boxes (or other small packing boxes) from home or provide cardboard pencil boxes and/or papier-mâché boxes for this project. Set out green and white Colorations® construction paper, white doilies, green, white and gold pom-poms, green and gold glitter, holiday-related wrapping paper and other appropriate collage items. Provide small bowls with glue and/or glue sticks, scissors, and Colorations® markers and crayons.
Let’s Begin  
1. Have children cover their boxes with the wrapping paper and/or construction paper. Encourage them to use different materials to cover different sections of their boxes.

2. If appropriate, show children how they can create their own construction paper four-leaf clover shapes to use for decorating the boxes. Fold a sheet of paper in half and demonstrate how to draw half of a four-leaf clover, using the crease as a midline, and then cut out.

3. Children can decorate their boxes as they wish with the clovers or draw shamrocks, leprechauns or other St. Patrick's designs. They may also glue on doilies, glitter and other collage materials.

4. Have each child to write their name on their box with Colorations® markers or crayons and display around the classroom for St. Patrick's Day. The teacher could provide small, ”treasures” for each child's box or throw a class party where the children can bring St. Patrick's treats for their classmates' boxes.
Divide the class into small groups and have the children come up with their own leprechaun stories for St. Patrick's Day. Each group can share their stories with the entire class by acting them out and using their treasure boxes as props.


Construction paper
Pom Poms

9" x 12" Heavyweight Construction Paper
White Cardboard Pencil Boxes - Set of 12
Colorations® Marker & Crayon Combo Pack- 400 Pieces
Colorations® Extra-Safe Plastic Glitter - 1lb.
Pom Poms - 300 Pieces
Small Round Doilies, 4" - Pack of 100
Colorations® Washable School Glue - 1.25 oz
Colorations® Comfort Grip Blunt Tip Scissors