Foam Paint Snowpeople
This is such a fun activity for ages 2-9! This is highly sensory, so it's often a hit among a wide range of developmentally-challenged children.
It is also highly sensory, so it's great to use with special-needs kids.
Teach the concepts of small, medium, large and counting to 3.
To create and decorate snowpeople.
Before You   Start  
Mix equal parts white BioColor® Foam Paint and white glue. Let kids mix with their hands. You will need dark blue construction paper and decorations like sequins or buttons to make the snowpeople features. An old sweater cut into small strips makes a dandy scarf!
Let’s Begin  
1. Have each child take a facial tissue, dip it into the mixture, then form a snowball on dark blue construction paper.

2. Instruct them to do this three times to form their snowperson.

3. While the mixture is still wet, let children add details and features.

4. Allow the project to air dry (it's usually dry in 24 hours).
You could mix up several other colors with the BioColor® Foam paint and let the kids make a black top hat or a blue ski hat. Small twigs make cute arms!


BioColor® Foam Paint

BioColor® Foam Paint
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