From Your Teacher
By Cathy Abraham

To all of “my” children,
throughout the years.
You shared your first loose tooth,
your milestones, your fears.
I have memories of “little things”
from each one of you.

Treasures hid in your cubbie,
the first time tying your shoe.

Some of you are now parents.
Yourselves, mom or dad.
Experiencing the joys
that with you I once had.
Take my word, time goes quickly.

Children grow by the day.
This is from someone,
who watched you learn, cry, and play.
Each of you gave me something,
whether I realized it or not.
In my heart, and in my thoughts,
you each hold a spot.

Cathy Abraham has recently accepted the position of Director of Training for Crème de la Crème. Cathy has taught child development classes at the college level, is a CDA representative, a NAEYC validator, and previously held the position of company Training Coordinator for Childtime Children’s Centers in which she was responsible for the training function and educational programming for more than 300 centers in 23 states. Cathy also facilitates a management contract for “The Launching Pad,” a FAA child care facility in Nashua, NH.