The Healthy Way
By Peter Stewart

We’re gonna brush-brush-a-brush our teeth

Morning noon and night

‘Cuz when we brush, gargle and floss

Our teeth will be healthy and bright!

So let’s go brush-brush-a-brush our teeth

And they’ll look out-a-site!

We’re gonna scrub-scrub-a-dub our skin

Every time we take a shower

‘Cuz when we wash, scrub, rinse and rub

We’ll smell just like a flower!

So let’s go scrub-scrub-a-dub our skin

That’s healthy power!

We’re gonna crunch-crunch-a-bunch of good food

We are talkin’ about vegetables and other good-for-you-stuff

‘Cuz when we chew, munch, bite and crunch

We’ll end up ready and tough!

So let’s go crunch-crunch-a-bunch of good food

We can’t get enough!

We’re gonna snooze-snooze-a-rooze all night

That’s how we get our rest

Cuz if we sleep, nap and doze

We’ll be feeling our best!

So let’s go snooze-snooze-a-rooze all night

And we’ll wake up blessed!

We’re gonna move-move-a-groove our body

Exercise is the way!

‘Cuz if we run, skip, jump and flip

We’ll be feeling better today!

So let’s go move-move-a-groove our body

That’s the healthy way!

Peter Stewart is an author, lecturer, performer and composer. Currently, he is the director of Sing and Learn Music, leader of the Potato Chip Band and founder of To learn more, please visit his website