The Ballad of the Lima Bean
By Peter Stewart

I’m just a little lima bean sitting on your plate.

I have the reputation of being something that you hate.

But I’m full of nutrition…

Ask any dietitian.

You’d better hurry up and eat me

Before it gets too late.

I’m just a little lima bean.

I know by now you know that vegetables are good for you; we keep you on the go.

Enjoy us all of your days,

Mashed, stewed or pureed.

Like all the fruits and vegetables, we’re not here just for show.

I’m just a little lima bean and now I’ve gotten cold.

You blew your chance when I was hot and you were feeling bold.

Your parents think you’re able, so you can’t leave the table.

I guess I have to wait around

Growing mighty old. I’m just a little lima bean.

I’ll never see again the fuss you made over me, counting down from ten.

I didn’t taste that bad so you shouldn’t feel so sad

And the good news is…I’m easier to swallow when you try me again!

Peter Stewart is a multi-faceted teacher, performer, author, and composer. Currently, he is the director of Sing and Learn Music, founder of Project Pride, and leader of the Potato Chip Band. He can be reached by email at