By Peter Stewart

My Mom gave me a new box of crayons!

Look at them,

Sharp and lovely

As thick as my finger

And never been used.

I opened the box and…


My brain gave me the idea of what to draw!

Ice cream cone,

Tall and delicious

As wonderful as summer

And ready for licking.

I started to draw and …


My crayons started moving all over the paper!

Here we go,

My crayons and I

As happy as friends can be.

We are creating together.

One color for each scoop and…


Black is the cone

Red is strawberry

Orange is sherbet

Yellow is banana

Green is mint 

Blue is bubblegum

Purple is raspberry

Brown is chocolate!


My picture iss finally done!

Look at it,

Creative and new

As colorful as a rainbow.

I gave it to my teacher

And I said…


“Let’s go out and get one just like it!”



Peter Stewart is a performer, composer, presenter and author. He has written over 15 CDs of music for children. Currently, he is the director of Sing and Learn Music. His website is: