Final Thoughts: It's Okay
By Sabine A. Moosbrugger

He ran up to me, a toy in his hand,

“Teacher! My truck! It’s all full of sand!”

I cleaned and I washed it and said, “It’s okay.”

With a smile on his face, he went on to play.


She limped up to me, with blood on her sock,

“Teacher! It hurts! I fell on a rock!”

I cleaned and I bandaged and said, “It’s okay.”

With a smile on her face, she went on to play.


He came up to me, a mad look in his eye,

“Teacher! He’s mean, and he made me cry!”

I talked to both children ‘til it was okay.

With a smile on their faces, they went on to play.


The children have left, and I pick up the toys,

And I smile when I think of the sweet girls and boys.

I can’t save the world, and that is okay.

For a few precious children, I just saved the day.



Sabine A. Moosbrugger lives in Pueblo, CO. She teaches third grade and is an adjunct instructor in Early Childhood Education at Pueblo Community College and Colorado Christian University. For seven years, she directed a school age child care site for the YMCA of Pueblo.