Final Thoughts: The Power of Color
By Shelley Hoster

Final Thoughts The Power of Color


Close your eyes and reach inside the heart of you

Look there and you will find colorful authentic power, it’s true


See the powerful rainbow of colors inside the depths of your soul

Each one represents a different power that will help you achieve your goal


GREEN is the power of growth like the leaves on a tree

Use it to explore and change who you want to be


RED is the power of energy, attention, and zest

Use it to spark your learning and to swirl up your best


BLUE is the power of focus like the river’s constant flow

Use it to express yourself, it will show you where to go


YELLOW is the power of light and gives you cheer

Use it to shine to others and make your message clear


ORANGE is the power of communication that bonds like glue

Use it to bring fusion with others who are dear to you


PURPLE is the power of dreams and to search who and where you are

Use it to reach way up high to touch the highest star


BROWN is the power of comfort, like a house safe and warm

Use it if you need to feel secure and safe from all harm


BLACK is the power of mystery and intrigue like darkness of night

Use it to make people wonder about you and to step out of the light


WHITE is the power of courage and the alertness of light

Use it to reflect upon life and to make your future bright


PINK is the power that is calm and serene

Use it to add peace and harmony to your scene


This rainbow of colors within you is a reflection of character from red to blue

Use them wisely and they will bring a prism of authentic power to you


Shelley Hoster is a preschool teacher at Jack and Jill Early Learning Center in Norcross, GA. This poem was written at the Challenging Teachers Institute in Summer 2003 after investigating how colors affect the learning environment and how all teachers have authentic powers.