Final Thoughts: I Can
By Peter Stewart

I Can

can use my imagination

To set a fantasy free

I can perform and be someone else

The inspiration comes from me


There are places I’ll explore

That I may never get to see

There are people I can play

Who I may never get to be

Not tomorrow, but today

I can through dramatic play


I can be an orphan

Who has to pick pockets and steal

I am longing, dreaming, yearning

For a grand feast of a meal.


I can be a pirate

With my dirty, strong mates

Through my spyglass I look for treasure

As I sail the seas and straits


I can be a princess

Beautiful and fair

The only entrance to my tower

Is to climb up my long hair


I can be a fairy

And know how to fly

I’ll wear a dress made of petals

Drink honey and never die


I can be a dish

Run away with a spoon

Be a genie in a lamp

Ride a unicorn by the light of the moon


I can dance around a tribal fire

Or daintily sip my tea

I can make people cry, clap, and laugh

The inspiration comes from me.


I can

Build self-esteem

Fulfill a dream or

Shine like a moonbeam


And after I’ve been every other person I can possibly be

I can realize how special it is to be me.


Peter Stewart is a multifaceted teacher, performer, author, and composer. Currently, he is the director of Sing and Learn Music, founder of Project Pride, and leader of the Potato Chip Band. He can be reached by email at Katie Stewart is Peter’s daughter, and she is in the seventh grade.