What Did You Do Over The Summer?
By Peter Stewart

My teacher asked, “What did you do?”

And I had to reply

“I traveled all around the world

And I didn’t even fly!”


I went to my library

And though I’m just a child

I journeyed far by reading books

With adventures grand and wild.


With a cat I went to London

To visit with the queen

I went to Paris with Madeline

Oh, the places I have seen!


I really liked to hop on pop

And skip down the yellow brick road

One day I climbed up Jack’s beanstalk

And never left my zip code.


I picked blueberries with Sal

Went to school with Mary’s lamb

 I even dipped three mice in paint

And ate green eggs and ham!


I met Peter in his pumpkin

An old woman in her shoe

But then I took those two books back

Because they were overdue!


Sometimes my parents read to me

Before I went to bed

I pointed to the pictures

And they told me what was said.


We would snuggle up real close

And then we’d close the door

They read to me my favorite book

And then again once more!



Peter Stewart is an author, lecturer, performer and composer. Currently, he is the director of Sing and Learn Music and leader of the Potato Chip Band. His Web site is: www.peter-stewart.com.