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The Typical Day
By Tim Bete

It starts in the morning and goes on through the day,
You take care of the children—you teach them, you play,

And all through the hours, from morning till night,
Those twenty-six children—well, they're quite a sight.


A is for Ashley, who cries when mom leaves,
B is for Bradley, with paint on his sleeves,
C is for Carlos, who acts like a saint,
D is Darren, an angel he ain't,
E is for Edy, spilling milk on the floor,
F is for Frank, who always gets bored,
G is for Ginny, who says she feels sick,
H is for Henry, who punches and kicks,
I is for Inez, who bites little Jack,
J is for Jack, who bites Inez back,
K is for Kenzo, who collects pretty shells,
L is for Larry, who loves to ring bells,
M is for Megan, who clings to your leg,
N is for Ned, who likes to tease Meg,
O is for Owen, who won't share his toys,
P is for Paulette, she's always a joy,
Q is for Quint, who tends to get muddy,
R is for Ruth, she's everyone's buddy,
S is for Steve, who's afraid of mean bees,
is for Tiffany, who won't eat her peas,
U is for Una, who spills juice on her shirt,
V is for Vern, who makes cakes out of dirt,
W is for Whitney, who pretends she's a dog,
X is for Xavier, like a bump on a log,
Y is for Yolanda, who fell off the swing,
is for Zack, he thinks he's a king.

It's a typical day and continues all year,
And you love the children—the laughter, the tears,

Because you know the secret that many have lost,
That kids are important and worth any cost.


Tim Bete is a former editor of Earlychildhood NEWS magazine.