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The Gift of a Memorable Child
By Cathy C. Abraham

The child that is my challenge is a gift.

Only he can give me

The gifts of patience, tolerance, and acceptance ~

If I let him.
He will be the one to make me into a true teacher

And challenge my very soul.
I can learn more from this child

Than from much of my college coursework ~

If I choose to.
A child is not something that is "broken"

For me to "fix."

This child comes to me a unique individual

Worthy of love ~ just as he is.
Will I choose to rise to the occasion?

Or be yet another to throw my hands up?

Do I have it in me to maybe be the one

Than can make a difference?

Is he maybe the one

That will make a difference in me?

Will I choose to let him?

Cathy C. Abraham is president and CEO of Exploration Bay Management Services, which specializes in FAA contractual child care facilities. She has also taught child development classes at the college level and was company training coordinator for Childtime Children's Centers where she was responsible for the training and educational programming for over 300 centers in 23 states.