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The Main Event
By Peter Stewart

There is no better time spent

Than playing with the “main event”

We don ’t have to mellow with age

Humpty Dumpty is all the rage

Hey look here my tooth is loose!

Hide and seek

Duck duck goose

There is no money to be made

There is another way that we get paid

For those of us who chose to stay

With the children anyway

We get to act just like the child

We can laugh throughout the day

skipping rope,

putting on a play

Red Rover,


Five little monkeys and mud pies,too

There is no doctorate to be earned

But by watching children,

we have learned

To live more simply, like how they live

Holding hands with love to give

With little miracles by our side

Holding tight

Piggyback ride

The children teach us what to do

Hugs are good

Tie my shoe

Come and play with me!

Peter Stewart is an author, lecturer, performer and composer. Currently, he is the director of Sing and Learn Music, leader of the Potato Chip Band, and founder of www.ilovemywrinkles.net. To learn more, please visit his website at www.peter-stewart.com.