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If I Could Be an Animal
By Ashley M. Robertson

If I could be animal, any kind at all,

I wonder which one I would choose, would I be short or tall?


Furry, scaly, fat or thin, would I have teeth or claws?

Would I have wings or wiggly things, hooves or fluffy paws?


Perhaps I’ll be an antelope, and munch Savannah grass,

They’re graceful, dainty, and regal, too. They certainly have class.


But they get eaten by big cats that stalk across the plains,

And have to stand outside among the pouring, drenching rains.


Perhaps a kitty cat would do, I’d cuddle and I’d purr,

And some sweet child would feed me, and pet my silken fur.


But cats eat lots of tuna, and I’m not fond of fish,

Perhaps to be a butterfly would be a better wish.


I’d flutter through the tulips, and land on daisies yellow,

Until a bird flaps by that thinks I’d be a tasty fellow.


No butterfly for me, not now, I’ll not become a meal,

I really like the ocean, so perhaps I’ll choose an eel.


I’ll glide through ocean currents, and surf on waves of blue,

And hide in crags of coral reefs. On tasty shrimp I’ll chew.


But some eels are electric and I wouldn’t want to shock,

 Friends or family, that’s for sure, perhaps I’ll be a croc!


 I’ll gnash my teeth and flail my tail and flash a toothy grin,

With light green scales upon my back and dark ones on my chin.


I’m not that great at swimming, and they sure like to dive,

 Perhaps I’m better suited to be queen of a beehive.


I’ll buzz about the flowers, eat honey till I’m full,

Until somebody swats at me. No wait! I’ll be a bull.


With giant horns and muscles fierce I’ll storm the farmer’s rows,

But then again I think I’d hate that steel ring in my nose.


My nose would be a nifty thing if I were an anteater,

But I like candy more than ants, you see, it’s so much sweeter.


 Perhaps I’ll just remain a kid, a kid is not so bad,

I get to eat just what I like and live with Mom and Dad.


Out of all the animals that swim, soar, roar and crawl,

To be a kid is by and far the very best of all!


Ashley Robertson is a military wife and homeschooling mother of two with the hopes of publishing a children’s book one day. When not writing, she dedicates her time to her graphic design business.