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Final Thoughts: Child’s Play
By Peter Stewart

Child’s Play



There is a place in every house

Where children go to play

From generation to generation

Intuition will show them the way

A clubhouse, a closet, a corner or chair

A place to call their own

For children need a place to be

Silent and alone

There is a place in every yard

Where children make a space

From generation to generation

Imagination will lead the way

A ship, a rocket, a fortress or wall

A place to play together

For children need a place to be

Larger than themselves

There is a place on every beach

Where children build a castle

From generation to generation

Nature will lead the way

A tower, a turret, a moat or road

A passing land of sand

For children need a place to dream

And let their imaginations soar

There is a light in every adult’s eye

That children need to see

From generation to generation

Love will light the way

A glint, a glance, a look or smile

A gift from adult to child and back

For we will live on in the light

That is added to our eyes



Peter Stewart is a performer, composer,

presenter and author. He has written

over 15 CDs of music for children.

Currently, he is the director of Sing

and Learn Music. His website is: