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Final Thoughts: Helping Children Through Difficult Times
By Peter Stewart

Helping Children Through Difficult Times

If you look to the ground

You’ll see gravel and sand

And dirt and mud and the rest of the land.


If you look to the horizon

You’ll see far, far away

And the breathtaking sun at the dawn of the day.


If you look to the heavens

You’ll see Venus and Mars

And the marvelous moon with her friends the stars.


But, when your children have taken a spill

There’s one more place to look if you will.

It’s square in the eyes of the ones you hold near

Your family, your children, your loved ones, your dears


Just walk right up to them

Take both their hands

Don’t look down to the ground

Or off to the land

Or up to the sky

By the end of the day

Look right in their eyes

And simply say,

“I love you, I see you.

I’m looking your way.”


Peter Stewart is a multifaceted teacher, performer, author, and composer. Currently, he is the director of Sing and Learn Music, founder of Project Pride, and leader of the Potato Chip Band. He can be reached by email at PrideNow@aol.com.