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Final Thoughts: Just a Kid
By Sabine A. Moosbrugger

For everyone who works with kids.

I’m on top of the world, and I don’t have a care.
I love hearing the birds and the smell of fresh air.
I feel the warm wind; I enjoy the blue sky.
I feel I can fly, and I don’t wonder why.

I get to blow bubbles, build castles of sand,
Sing and make music, have a lemonade stand.
I love to tell stories and read funny books,
Paint in all colors – who cares how it looks?

I get to make pudding, go on trips around town,
Play yo-yo and cards, paint my face like a clown.
I’m learning to draw and play baseball and run.
Did I mention I’m happy, and I’m having fun?

I play when I work, and I work when I play.
I don’t make much money, but I love every day.
People might laugh, wouldn’t care if they did,
I’m a grown-up by now, but I’m still just a kid.

Sabine A. Moosbrugger directed a child care site at the YMCA of Pueblo, Colorado, for seven years. She is currently an adjunct instructor in the early childhood education program at Pueblo Community College, where she is also developing a course outline and manual for a school-age child care class. She is attending the University of Southern Colorado as a degree plus student in order to obtain her elementary teaching certificate.