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By Peter Stewart

Jumping in puddles in Spring

Is a most delightful thing

I live in a castle moat

As I splash in my boots and my coat

I take a deep breath, the air smells clean

And once again my world turns green.

The earth is waking up once more

Open the windows, take down the storm door!

With flowers and peepers and tiny buds as reasons

 I’ll jump with joy throughout this season.


In Summer I jump in the ocean

I set my body in motion

No timid tentative toe for me

I don't hesitate at the edge of the sea

Instead I dash in, I do not stop

Until I let my body drop!

Lakes and rivers and ponds and all

Can’t wait for my cannon ball!

With bare feet and sand and swimming as reasons

 I’ll jump with joy throughout this season.


In Fall I leap in a crispy leaf pile

And lie still for a good long while

As I look past the trees and into the sky

To watch the v’s of geese honking by

With my friends I know a leaf fight’s in store

Which will make raking a longer chore

I’ll do it with joy; I don’t mind at all

It’s one of the simple pleasures of fall.

With pumpkins and apples and cider as reasons

I’ll jump with joy throughout this season.

In Winter I dive into drifts of snow

Tunnel in and laugh as I go

Eat a snowflake, sled downhill

Fun if I make it, even better if I spill

I get all covered from head to toe

Mom says I look like I’m made of snow!

The weak yellow sun is getting stronger

The sky will stay light a little longer

With snowballs and sledding and skating as reasons

I’ll jump with joy throughout this season.


Seasons change once and change once again

Rain turns to snow and snow turns to rain

Days grow hotter and then become colder

While we all grow another year older.

But while I’m a child I’ll jump with delight

I’ll skip through the day, I’ll bound through the night

I’ll fly into your arms; I’ll bounce on your lap

I’ll even hop on you as you take a nap!

With leaping and laughing and loving as reasons

I’ll jump with joy throughout the four seasons.