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Gifted/Special Needs
1. Alternative Solutions for Managing Behavioral Disorders 
By Diona L. Reeves
2. Asperger's Syndrome: An Introduction for Educators 
By Lynn Cohen, MSW
3. Functional Assessment: Analyzing Child Behavior 
By Mary Ellen Drecktrah, Ph.D., and Mary Ann Marchel, Ph.D.
4. Gifted Children Have Special Needs, Too 
By Nancy Symmes Sweeney
5. Inclusion in the Preschool Setting 
By Deanna Jordan
6. Inclusion: Integrating Special Kids in a Child Care Setting 

7. Intervention: The Earlier, the Better 
By Suzanne Ripley
8. Recognizing Difficult Behavior in the Preschool Child 
By Patricia Woodbury
9. The Difficult Child and an Inclusionary Model That Can Work 
By Judith S. Bloch and Janice L. Friedman
10. What Do I Say to Parents When I am Worried About Their Child? 
By Judith S. Bloch, ACSW