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Health & Safety
1. Alternative Solutions for Managing Behavioral Disorders 
By Diona L. Reeves
2. Asthma Management in Child Care 
By Will Evans
3. Bringing Fitness to Your Classroom: The Fitness Learning Center 
By Anna Gammal
4. Childhood Overweight: What Teachers and Parents Should Know 
By Judy K. Martin, RD, CD
5. Childhood Stress: How Adults Can Help  
By Carolyn Ross Tomlin
6. Discovering Snack Time! 
By Amy Carr
7. Encouraging Physical Development 
By Carolyn Tomlin
8. Equipping the Home Medicine Chest 
By Dr. Charlotte Hendricks
9. Establishing a Child Care Feeding Policy 
By Ellyn Satter
10. Fire Prevention in Child Care 
By Dr. Charlotte Hendricks
11. First Aid Kits for Child Care Providers 
By Maureen Nalle, Ph.D., RN
12. Fitness Begins in Early Childhood 
By Gary E. Sanders
13. Getting Picky Eaters to Pick Less and Eat More 
By Mollie Aby-Valestrino
14. Getting to and from School Safely 
By Dr. Charlotte Hendricks
15. Good Morning Sunshine! Protecting Children From Ultraviolet Rays 
By Delaine Certo
16. Head Lice: Those Itchy Little Bugs! 
By Charlotte Hendricks, H.S.D.
17. Helping Children Cope With Stress 
By Anarella Cellitti, Ph.D.
18. How Safe Is Your Classroom? Identifying Hazards Before Accidents Happen 
By Dr. Charlotte Hendricks,
19. Indoor and Outdoor Safety Checklist 
By Carolyn Ross Tomlin
20. Let's Get Physical! 
By Rae Pica
21. Physical Fitness in Early Childhood: What's Developmentally Appropriate 
By Rae Pica
22. Planning for Disaster 
By Mary Terrass
23. Preparing the Classroom for Kids with Food Allergies 
By Anne Munoz Furlong
24. Promoting Oral Health 
By Marcia Manter
25. Proper Procedures: Preventing the Spread of Disease in Infant and Toddler Classrooms 
By Terri Jo Swim Ph.D.
26. Protecting Against Negligence 
By Sandra Crosser, Ph.D.
27. Putting the Food Guide Pyramid for Young Children into Practice 
By Ann Rosenthal
28. Seeing Is Believing 
By Marcia Groves, MPH
29. Sneezes and Sniffles 
By Linda Tapsell, RN
30. Teaching Nutrition Concepts to Preschoolers 
By Keecha Harris
31. Ten Ways to Improve Playground Supervision 
By Eileen Hull
32. The Debate Regarding Childhood Vaccinations: What It Means for Your Center  
By Carolyn R. Tomlin
33. The Healing Touch: Helping Children Cope With Post-Traumatic Stress 
By Tim Bete
34. What You Need to Know About Infant Safety 
By Charlotte Hendricks, H.S.D.
35. What You Should Know About Transporting Children Safely 
By Peter Wade
36. Where Danger Lurks: Evaluating New and Existing Playground Equipment 
By Sue Reily