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Parent-Teacher Partnerships
1. A Hands-On Approach to Nurturing the Parent Partnership 
By Edna Wallace, M.S.
2. Ask the Expert: Tips for Successful Parent-Teacher Conferences 
By Angie Dorrell M.A.
3. Assessment: Appreciating Children's Development Using Parents' and Teachers' Observations 
By Harold Ireton Ph.D
4. Breaking Bad News to Parents 
By Susan Miller, Ed.D.
5. Building Partnerships: Teachers & Parents Working Together 
By Carolyn Tomlin
6. Childhood Overweight: What Teachers and Parents Should Know 
By Judy K. Martin, RD, CD
7. Communication is Key: Tips for Successful Parent Conferences 
By Susan A. Miller, Ed.D.
8. Do You Recognize This Parent? 
By Edna Wallace, M.S.
9. Does Parent Involvement Make Your Job Easier or More Challenging? 
By Michele Beery, Ph.D.
10. Easing Separation Anxiety 
By Dr. Sherry Warner
11. Establishing a Child Care Feeding Policy 
By Ellyn Satter
12. Getting Picky Eaters to Pick Less and Eat More 
By Mollie Aby-Valestrino
13. Grieving Kids Need Guidance 
By Naomi Naierman
14. Head Lice: Those Itchy Little Bugs! 
By Charlotte Hendricks, H.S.D.
15. Helping Children Care for Their Bodies 
By Carolyn Tomlin
16. In Support of Family-Teacher Partnerships 
By Amy Sussna Klein, Ed.D., and Marian Miller, M.Ed.
17. Parents and Teachers Working Together: Should Food Be Used as Learning Materials? 
By Terri Jo Swim, Ph.D., and Ramona Freeman, M.A.
18. Promoting Development Through Emergent Literacy 
By Francis Wardle, Ph.D.
19. Promoting Parental Involvement Through Volunteerism 
By Carolyn R. Tomlin
20. Quantity Versus Quality Parent Time: How Can Child Care Providers Help? 
By Carolyn Ross Tomlin
21. Rejuvenating Parent Involvement: Everyone Wins! 
By Edna Wallace, M.S.
22. Smooth Transitions: Tips for Creative Beginnings and Endings 
By blank author
23. Successful Transition to Kindergarten: The Role of Teachers & Parents 
By Pam Deyell-Gingold
24. Supporting Families: Children Are The Winners 
By Ann Barbour, Ph.D.
25. The Problem-Solving Parent: The Parenting Partnership 
By Eleanor Reynolds
26. The Problem-Solving Parent: Transitions - Getting From Here to There 
By Eleanor Reynolds
27. Tips & Toys for Valuable Play Experiences at Home 
By Renee Farrington
28. Wave Goodbye: Helping Children Deal with the Stress of Moving  
By Marian Marion, Ph.D.
29. What Do I Say to Parents When I am Worried About Their Child? 
By Judith S. Bloch, ACSW
30. What to Do When Children Use ''Bathroom Language'' 
By Timothy Jay, Ph.D.
31. Where's The ''Fun'' In Fundraising? 
By Kathreen Francis