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Each year, Earlychildhood NEWS recognizes excellence in products for young children through the Directors’ Choice Award program.

Child care professionals depend on Earlychildhood NEWS for relevant and timely information and look to Earlychildhood NEWS for ways to better their child care centers. They know that products bearing the Earlychildhood NEWS Directors’ Choice seal have received solid, unbiased appraisal and have been deemed excellent educational resources for the child care setting.

Winner Benefits
If your product is chosen as an Earlychildhood NEWS Directors’ Choice award winner, you will receive:
• Editorial feature in a special supplement of winning products in EarlychildhoodNEWS.com
• The distinctive Earlychildhood NEWS Directors’ Choice Award for display
• Unlimited use of the award seal on products, in catalogs, and in advertising
• A color tabletop display sign for use at conventions
• Display of your product to more than 25,000 attendees at the 2008 National Association for the Education of Young Children Conference and accompanying award presentation at a reception held in Dallas this November

Judges’ Selection From the Directors’ Choice Award winners in all categories, which will be announced in advance, the judges choose a limited group of products that truly stand out from all the winners. This group – the best of the best - is the Judges’ Selection: Outstanding Products for 2008. The winners will be announced for the first time at the Directors’ Choice Reception at the National Association for the Education of Young Children held in November in Dallas, TX.

Evaluation and Judging
Evaluation of products is made by a distinguished panel of early childhood experts and child care directors selected by the editorial staff of Earlychildhood NEWS. There is no limit to the number of winning products in a particular category, nor is there a guarantee that each category will include a winner. Each product is evaluated on its own merit based on the following criteria:
• Appropriateness for use in a child care setting
• Safety
• Durability
• Appropriateness for stated age range
• Effectiveness for intended use
• Value

NEW! Each entrant will receive judges' feedback and average scores in each of the above areas following winner notification.

Judging Categories
Products are accepted in the following categories:
Submit one copy each:
• Arts and Crafts Materials
• Assessment Tools
• Administrative and/or Professional Development
• Teachers’ Resources
• Curriculum
• Children's Books
• Infant/Toddler Products
• Furniture
• Play Equipment
• Toys/Games
• Other (please contact Susan Swanson at 831-333-2506) Submit six copies each:
• DVDs
• CDs

Award Program Schedule
May 30, 2008 Entries must be postmarked by this date

June 2008 Judging

July 2008 Winner notification

August 2008 Media packets sent to winners, judges’ feedback sent to all entrants

September 2008 Winning products featured on EarlychildhoodNEWS.com

November 2008 Awards presented to winners & Judges’ Selection winners announced at NAEYC

Enter Your Product Today!
Each product submitted must be accompanied by the following items:
• Entry Form - complete one entry form for each product submitted. Make sure to include the appropriate number of product copies for the category. You may make additional copies for additional submissions.
• A $200 entry fee (check or money order payable to Earlychildhood NEWS). If for any reason your entry fee is being sent under separate cover, please call Susan Swanson at 831-333-2506.) Entry fees must be postmarked by May 30, 2008.
• A color photograph or digital file of the product.
• Press release or description of the item.

Ship Product Entries to:
Earlychildhood NEWS
Directors’ Choice Awards
2 Lower Ragsdale, Suite 125
Monterey, CA 93940

Susan Swanson
Earlychildhood NEWS
Directors’ Choice Awards
2 Lower Ragsdale, Suite 125
Monterey, CA 93940
831-333-5654 Fax

Entry Rules:
• Product Entries must have been released between May 1, 2007 and May 15, 2008.
• Entries for audiocassettes and CDs, computer software, and video or DVD products must be accompanied with six copies of the product.
• Any submitted computer software program needing special peripherals (e.g., synthesized keyboards, specific speech cards) must include those peripherals. Peripherals will be returned.
• Products which have been previous winners of the Earlychildhood NEWS Directors’ Choice award are not eligible.
• Revised editions or versions of products which have repackaged as new products are eligible for entry.
• Actual products must be sent. No photographs, slides, or videos of the product will be accepted.
• A product that cannot be properly evaluated due to the nature of design will be returned and the entry fee refunded.
• Entries must be postmarked no later than May 30, 2008.
• Entries will not be returned. All products will be donated to local child care programs after the judging process.
• A $200 entry fee is required for each product entered to cover the cost of judging, processing products and entry forms, and notifying winners.

Previous Winners Include
• Charlesbridge Publishing
• Community Playthings
• Gryphon House, Inc.
• HighReach Learning
• Kimbo Educational
• Rounder Records
• Thomson Delmar Learning