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Reading is for teachers, parents and children - reading is for everyone! Here you'll find our "best books" picks for your learning spaces and reading places!

Animal Faces
By Begin Smart™
Begin Smart, LLC, 2009
Ages newborn-6 months
ISBN: 978-1-934618-04-2

Look Around and Listen
By Begin Smart™
Begin Smart, LLC, 2009
Ages newborn-6 months
ISBN: 978-1-934618-79-0

Bouncy Baby
By Begin Smart™
Begin Smart, LLC, 2009
Ages 6-12 months
ISBN: 978-1-934618-65-3

Baby Says
By Begin Smart™
Begin Smart, LLC, 2009
Ages 6-12 months
ISBN: 978-1-934618-56-1

Begin Smart™ is not your typical book program. The collection is designed to thoughtfully enhance emerging physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills of babies and toddlers. Each book is carefully labeled by age in 6-month increments and with a list of developmental skills that are aided by the story. Age-appropriate toys are often included to accompany the stories. There are also notes to parents within each text to expand on these skills and suggestions for how to read with their baby.

For newborns to ages 6 months, the Begin Smart™ books have visually stimulating illustrations, varying textures to encourage touching, help build early visual activity and provide a bonding opportunity with person reading. Look Around and Listen is a bath book filled with playful animals and every day objects making noises to promote sound recognition. It also includes a squeaker toy. Animal Faces is a soft, cloth book with a sewn-in rattle to help engage baby and build attention span.

For ages 6-12 months, the Begin Smart™ books encourage active listening, build language skills, object recognition and permanence and are chunky with easy to turn pages. Baby Says is a unique set of 8 round board cards on a teether ring that features colorful artwork baby can explore themselves. Little ones will also love to lift the flaps and discover the objects that are hidden in the pages of the interactive board book Bouncy Baby.

Good Earth Art: Environmental Art for Kids
By MaryAnn F. Kohl and Cindy Gainer
Bright Ring Publishing, 1991
All Ages
ISBN: 0-935607-01-3
Create over 200 practical and simple, eco-friendly arts and crafts with this wonderful collection of imaginative projects. Kids of all ages will enjoy the open-ended art ideas - all utilizing recycled and natural materials. Projects range from homemade crayons and cattail baskets to sunflower seed wreaths and solar prints. An exciting connection between science and art, this book helps children develop an awareness of the environment and fosters a caring attitude for our earth.

By Carol Petrash
Gryphon House, Inc., 1992
ISBN: 0-87659-156-X
Earthways is full of earth-friendly activities to help enhance children's understanding and knowledge of the environment. Hands-on crafts are organized for each season and are accompanied by beautiful illustrations. Children can learn about our dependence on the earth's resources and begin to develop a respect for nature and the world around them. Tips for creating a more eco-friendly classroom and home environment are also included.

The Frogs and Toads All Sang
By Arnold Lobel
Illustrated by Adrianne Lobel
Harper Collins, 2009
Ages 4 – 7
ISBN: 978-0-06-180022-1
From Caldecott Medalist Arnold Lobel comes a brand-new collection of rhyming stories about frogs and toads. The Frogs and Toads All Sang has the same warmth, compassion, and humor that is found in his best-loved work. Brimming with sweet silliness, this new book reminds us why Arnold Lobel's characters continue to be so popular.

Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite!
By Diane DeGroat
Harper Collins, 2002
ISBN: 978-0-06-134061-1
Ages 4-8
Gilbert’s day camp is going on an overnight trip, and Gilbert expects nothing but fun. But when loudmouthed Lewis tells him about the Camp Hi-Dee-Ho ghost, he can’t help but feel a little nervous. He doesn’t want his friends to think he’s a scaredy-cat, but some spooky noises in the middle of the night might just put him face-to-face with his fears.

Caillou® Box Set
Adapted By Chouette Publishing, Inc.
Chouette Publishing, Inc., 2008
Ages 3 Years and Up
ISBN: 9782894507001
The beloved preschool character Caillou has a new crop of adventures for little ones to enjoy in this new box set of 5 short stories. The curious little boy is known internationally through the Caillou books and as the star of his animated TV series as a pal who children can relate to. His experiences are universal and reflect normal emotions and concerns of kids across the world. Whether he's learning patience, feeling homesick or playing make-believe, his everyday encounters and feelings are certain to resonate with familiarity. Set includes: Caillou Sleeps Over, Caillou and Rosie's Doll, Caillou Plans a Surprise, Caillou Puts Away His Toys and Caillou Makes a Snowman.

Caillou® My Book of Great Adventures
Adapted By Chouette Publishing, Inc.
Chouette Publishing, Inc., 2009
Ages 3 Years and Up
ISBN: 978-2-89450-713-1
Caillou returns with a collection of some of his greatest adventures as seen in the animated TV series. Children can read and rediscover these memorable stories with the brilliantly colorful illustrations and lively text. Includes titles: Caillou, The Birthday Party; Caillou, Favorite T-Shirt; Caillou, The Picnic; Caillou, At the Market; Caillou, At the Beach; Caillou, At the Amusement Park.

Caillou® ABC Train
Adapted By Chouette Publishing, Inc.
Chouette Publishing, Inc., 2008
Ages 3 Years and Up
ISBN: 9782894506844
Get on board with Caillou as he introduces the alphabet on his special train. As the engineer, he is taking all his animal friends for a ride and each has a name that begins with a different letter. This interactive puzzle book contains 26 pieces children can arrange on the corresponding images as they read the story. When finished, remove the puzzle pieces and place in alphabetical order to create a train that is over 4 feet long!

Caillou® Where is Teddy?
Adapted By Chouette Publishing, Inc.
Chouette Publishing, Inc., 2008
Ages 2 Years and Up
ISBN: 978-2-89450-711-7
Caillou reaches his smallest fans in his heartfelt story of the near loss of his favorite stuffed animal. Children can easily relate to the comfort and security that a dearly loved teddy bear (or other toy) can provide. Read and find out if Caillou finds Teddy and brings him back where he belongs.