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Here are some of the most recent national headlines of concern to early childhood educators, parents and others. For more headlines delivered directly to your inbox, subscribe to NEWSlink!

Greener Lunches for School and Office
"...Local schools have been working hard to reduce the amount of both food and packaging waste generated by their school food programs through expanded use of composting and recycling..."
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State to Adopt Rating System for Childhood Education
"Massachusetts is taking steps to join a national trend by launching a system to rate programs that provide early childhood care and education...The goal of implementing the system is to increase the quality and transparency of early childhood care..."
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Early Weight Gain Might Mean Higher Blood Pressure Later
"Children who gain weight rapidly in the first five months of life and from ages 2 to 5 have higher blood pressure as adults, a new study finds. [T]he researchers found...lower-weight newborns tended to have higher adult systolic blood pressure..."
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Active Video Games Help Kids Exercise
"Children love playing video games, and playing active versions of these games may help stop children from becoming obese, university...researchers report. In fact, children playing active video games have higher heart rates and burn four times as many calories a minute than children playing passive video games, according to this new study..."
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